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We Provide Support to those being Politically Persecuted along with their families.

 Cynthia Hughes

Cynthia’s communication, cognitive, and problem-solving skills have gotten her far in her fight for increased American justice. She is always up for the challenge and will continue to put her blood, sweat and tears into doing what she believes is best for not only her friends and family, but for the American people at large, as she believes we all deserve justice. Cynthia is someone who doesn’t like to see people hurting and will go out of her way to reduce that hurt, as she has been through tremendous adversity and heartache within her own life.


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Ed Martin

Ed Martin is the New York Times best-selling author of the The Conservative Case for Trump.

He’s a former CNN political contributor and has appeared on every major TV network and hundreds of radio stations. He serves as an articulate advocate for Donald Trump’s policies that put Americans first.

Formally trained as a lawyer and ethicist, Ed is the president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and the hand-picked successor to Phyllis Schlafly. He was the Missouri Republican Party chairman and a member of the Republican National Committee from 2013-2015. He lives in Virginia (in the swamp, not of the swamp!) with his wife and four children.

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