Cynthia Hughes

Cynthia is first and foremost a mother to her four incredible children, and a wife to her amazing husband. Second, she is someone who doesn’t like to see people hurting and will go out of her way to reduce that hurt, as she has been through tremendous adversity and heartache within her own life.

This passion that she has to help relieve people of their burdens is what led to the Patriot Freedom Project being formed. Cynthia’s struggles have resulted in shaping her into a compassionate, dedicated, hard-working and faithful woman. In her eyes, all things are possible with God and we all carry our own cross; we wouldn’t get through this life without our faith and being strong.

Her passions and attributes have been admired by many, which is why Cynthia has many people who stand in her corner. The support she is gaining through her efforts are plentiful, and she is grateful to those who have supported her along the way in her life. She is ready to return the favor of this support and extend it outwards tenfold.

Cynthia’s communication, cognitive, and problem solving skills have gotten her far in her fight for increased American justice. She is always up for the challenge and will continue to put her blood, sweat and tears into doing what she believes is best for not only her friends and family, but for the American people at large, as she believes we all deserve justice.