Political Prisoners?

We Provide Support to those being Politically Persecuted along with their families.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) asserts that its focus is on violence rather than ideology. However, it is evident that the DOJ considers January 6 defendants to be a danger to the community. This perception is based on the fact that these defendants refuse to renounce their political beliefs, which is used as a justification for their pretrial incarceration. DOJ officials have now started labeling them as “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists” to justify treating them differently from other defendants in the criminal justice system.

The prosecution of January 6 defendants appears to be politically motivated, as they are being subjected to harsher treatment due to their political affiliation. These individuals, who protested what they believed to be a fraudulent election, have been specifically targeted by the Biden DOJ because of their political views and their support for the previous administration. On January 6, many of these protestors were allowed to freely enter the Capitol, as evidenced by numerous videos.

However, their access to the Capitol resulted in the arrest of many protestors, who are now being denied their right to due process. Normally, these detainees would have received a fair trial in a timelier manner, in accordance with their Fifth Amendment rights. Yet, even after almost two years, many January 6 defendants are still in pretrial detention without a trial date. In most other cases, these detainees would have been granted bail, had a speedy trial, and received lenient sentences.

This situation represents a clear violation of the constitutional guarantee of equal protection for all individuals under the law, as stated in the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, those held in the D.C. jail have been subjected to solitary confinement for over a year, deprived of the ability to shave, and denied religious services. The latter is a direct violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, 42 U.S.C. 52000cc-1.

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Patriot Freedom Project FAQs

What is the Patriot Freedom Project?

The Patriot Freedom Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises funds to provide financial assistance and other forms of relief to those arrested and their families, known as the J6 families. Those seeking financial relief can visit our website to fill out an application for assistance. All donations to the Patriot Freedom Project are tax-deductible and will be used to support the J6 families, assist with legal defense fees and costs, and cover fundraising and administrative expenses.

Who started the Patriot Freedom Project?

The Patriot Freedom Project was founded by Cynthia Hughes, who serves as both the president and a board member. Rachel Semmel and Ed Martin are also board members of the organization, alongside Cynthia.

Why help the Political Prisoners?

Many families have been adversely affected by the charges their loved ones are facing in relation to the events of January 6. Many of those arrested have lost their jobs, leaving their families in need of financial assistance. Additionally, they are facing significant legal fees as many public defenders lack the experience to effectively represent them. All Americans are entitled to due process, including representation by an attorney. These requirements are essential for the effective functioning of the criminal justice system and to prevent unjust outcomes.

How much does Patriot Freedom Project spend on management and fundraising?

The Patriot Freedom Project is committed to operating prudently and effectively, with appropriate transparency and in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code, state laws regulating fundraising, and all other applicable laws. Well-managed and well-funded organizations must spend a reasonable amount of money to ensure that programs are conducted effectively, employees and others with the right skills and experience are hired, funds are raised efficiently, those funds are not wasted, and the organization operates in compliance with the law. The amount that is reasonable depends on the relevant facts and circumstances. 

We started with volunteers, but the need to hire management assistance, legal counsel for corporate, tax, fundraising, and other compliance matters, and independent accountants to audit our financial statements—so that we can honor our operating commitments—means that we spend reasonably to hire experienced people who understand and appreciate our mission. 

More importantly, we are committed to operating effective programs to help J6 families by providing financial grants for living expenses and paying for legal fees so that families who cannot otherwise afford these expenses will not be destitute or forgotten. Our effectiveness is best measured by how well we have helped the families who need our assistance. 

Each year, we will publish our IRS Form 990 (an annual information return that we will file with the IRS), so that donors and the public can see how our funds have been spent. Among other information, those documents will report the amounts we spent for programs, management and administration, and fundraising, based on classifications required by the accounting profession’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.