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Patriot Freedom Project

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A Letter of Support from DC Jail Inmates

In opposition to public attacks on Cynthia Hughes and Patriot Freedom Project, inmates in the DC jail came together to counter the narratives of naysayers and critics, showing that rather than being divisive Mrs. Hughes and the foundation were the first support the January 6 community and the first to earn the support of the January 6 community.

“I do swear of affirm that Cynthia Hughes has earned my approval and confidence as an advocate for January 6 inmates and their families. 12/12/2021

  • Pete Schwartz
  • Alan Byerly
  • Jessica Watkins
  • Jose Padilla
  • Guy Reffitt
  • Dominic J Pezzola
  • Jeff McKellop
  • Brandon Fellows
  • Jeff Sabol
  • Jordan Mink
  • Douglas Jensen
  • Garret Miller
  • Daniel Caldwell
  • Julian Khater
  • Robert Gieswein
  • William Chrestman
  • Sean McHugh
  • Shane Jenkins
  • Cleveland Grover Meredith
  • Sgt Kenneth Harrelson
  • Scott Fairlamb
  • Marshall Neefe”

Written By Sara Sass