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A Letter from Robert Morss

Robert Morss is an ex-U.S. Army ranger who was deployed to Afghanistan in the service of his country three times. Morss left home at the age of 17 and served as an Airborne Ranger in the Second Ranger Battalion. He spent his 18th birthday in basic training. He served in the U.S. Army from 2011 to 2015 and was considered a specialist when he left the service. Morss then embarked on furthering his education at Penn State University. To earn money, Morss worked daily as a rideshare driver before term began. Morss was inspired to attend Penn State due to a close friend’s interest, and Morss’ loyalty to his friend group led to his enjoyment of higher education. Morss worked at Penn State’s Office of Veteran Services, helping veterans navigate online class scheduling. Morss also volunteered for College Republicans. Morss’ interest in history served him well as he transcribed Civil War journals and staged World War II battle re-enactments, including Pearl Harbor. Morss then worked as a middle and high school teacher in Shaler Area, Pennsylvania. Morss has a strong Christian faith and reads the Bible for comfort and wisdom. Morss’ interests include history, military history, American history, veteran groups, Lord of the Rings and Lego. The following is an excerpt from one of his letters to the Patriot Freedom Project:

“I want to personally thank you for taking the time to participate in the Patriot Freedom Project and reach out to support/encourage me. I am enduring the hardest challenge of my life so far and your well-timed mail has truly been an outstanding assistance to my state of mind and courage. Your love is a strong foundation that I can lean on when times get tough. So, I am deeply grateful for your light of hope you have sent into a very dark place.

Patriots like yourselves, and our Father in Heaven have, and continued to sustain me through this present darkness. Let your neighbors, family, fellow supporters of the course that unites us know that my chin is still held high, I am still in this fight, everything I have been through has failed to corrupt my character of which I am deliberately and intentionally maintaining. This situation will not break me. My Faith, my Hope and my Trust is in the LORD so I have NO ONE to fear. 

I hope that between you and the individuals you share this letter with, there is at least one Lord of the Rings (“LOTR“) fan between you so my analogy makes sense. The reason I bring these books / movies up in this letter is because that story reminds me of a moment within our own story. That we may be able to relate with that fantasy classic.

Within the pages of the books, or amongst the three movies, the audience is introduced to not how just a single brave hobbit, or a Fellowship of the Ring strives to save the day. But that every faction, race and creation must join together in order to save their homeland Middle Earth from assured destruction. Even the trees (the Ents) of this unforgettable tale, play a crucial role in order to prevent the bad guys from achieving victory.

Though LOTR is just a story, timeless as it may be, America and her people have also entered an age of similar demands. Where our Nations fate’, and the future of our children now rests upon each and every one of us, who calls this place home.

I want to thank you for your support, and for taking the time to read this letter. I am one of America’s First Political Prisoners, but if we the people do not take responsibility and reclaim our unalienable rights, then I unfortunately will not be the last.

Remember that you are brave. Remember your strength and remember that you are not descended from fearful men.”

– Robert Morss

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Written By Sara Sass