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A Letter from Mason Courson

As a young football player at Cypress Bay High in Weston, Florida, Mason Courson’s athletic ability made him a valued member of the team. Like many other Americans and bureaucrats, Courson traveled to the U.S. Capitol to hear a speech by President Trump in 2021. He called the January 6th atmosphere “chaos” and felt the need to defend himself from the crushing activity. Mason Courson’s family wanted to share the following letter with the Patriot Freedom Project and its supporters. Mason’s letter, written from Northern Neck Regional Jail where he remains in horrible prison conditions, follows:

“Please find the attached letter Mason wrote thanking you [the Patriot Freedom Project] and may it give you the smallest reason to continue doing what you do for these men that otherwise would have no way to help their families, children, retain attorneys, and just have some hope. I’ve told you before, but I have no problem saying it again as I always will, how grateful for the Patriot Freedom Project and you we are and especially I am.”

“My name is Mason Courson from Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I am a political prisoner currently being held at Northern Neck Regional Jail. These past 11 months have been extremely stressful, a nightmare. In the beginning I thought there was no hope for representation or release. Around January 2022, my mother conversed with Cynthia Hughes about her foundation. That conversation gave my family a much-needed new hope. The Foundation is called the Patriot Freedom Project. From what I have witnessed, Cynthia Hughes and her foundation have played a central role in the support system of January 6 defendants. When no one was taking action, they started finding attorneys, funding those attorneys, providing mental and moral support and spreading awareness on the topic. The organization as a whole has grown rapidly since inception. It is not slowing down either. Hughes even spoke on stage at a Trump rally a few weeks ago, in Pennsylvania. Massive progress and a good sign of what is to come.

What kind of a woman would put her life and reputation on the line to do all of this? A woman of passion, honor, respect and truth. With censorship and cancel culture the way it is nowadays it’s difficult to persevere and provide families the financial assistance they deserve. She is undoubtedly determined to make an impact on the outcome of these cases. I have seen Cynthia help another January 6 inmate, not only with an attorney but with emotional stability to his family through thoughtful and encouraging words. Also, helping his wife pay for household appliances and bills because they were financially unstable at the time. Amazing.

From my experience, I personally attest to Cynthia’s generosity. She provided my mother with mental stimulation when she felt a breakdown coming. By spending hours on the phone with my mom she developed a relationship with her. Cynthia worked with my mother to find me the best attorney possible. She even funded a retainer so the attorney could represent me immediately. My family and I are very confident with the attorney to this day.

I am forever grateful to the Patriot Freedom Project and Cynthia Hughes. I am also thankful for our God, for even though it is so dark right now, I know He has a plan where it is very bright in the end. We are all in this together. Cynthia’s character story is a prime example of someone stepping up to fight for our country and our fellow citizens. God has His hands in this. Stay Strong America!

Mason Courson, givesendgo.com/masonjc

Written By Sara Sass