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A Letter from Kyle Fitzsimons

Kyle Fitzsimons is a 37-year-old man from Maine who worked as a butcher at Hannaford Supermarket. Fitzsimons takes his freedoms very seriously and has participated in town halls across Maine. The following is an excerpt of one of his letters to the Patriot Freedom Project:

“Dearest Cindy, I am very thankful for the consideration shown my family in this time of duress and thank you for your continued advocacy on our behalf. When you stepped up to the plate to help our families make ends meet you filled us with hope there would be normalcy again, that those we left behind would know comfort and have worry lifted from their backs. Nearly a year into this spectacle the need for your care and that support is greater than ever. The appreciation felt for you involving yourself in our concerns seems ill abled to be captured by written words and the gratitude you are owed will be hard to express in worldly terms. Thank you. The men here look forward to being made whole one day and meeting in person the angel who took the first steps toward that date for them. God Bless You Cynthia, our days here are made brighter knowing you shine for our own cause.”

– Kyle Fitzsimons

Written By Sara Sass