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A Letter from Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins is a U.S. veteran and small business owner. Her bar in Woodstock, Ohio, the Jolly Roger, was managed by Watkins as a focal point of the community. Watkins was a solider in the U.S. Army and deployed to Afghanistan between September – December 2002. The following is an excerpt of one of her letters to the Patriot Freedom Project:

“31 January ‘22

The Heroes Back Home,

We, the January 6th detainees that languish in this hell that is the D.C. Department of Corrections, owe Mrs. Hughes a huge debt of gratitude! For over a year now we have rotted away in this jail, and our only hope was in the rare few that stood up for us when so many have rejected us out of hand based on the lies fed them by the Fake News, Mainstream Media. Mrs. Hughes helped cut through those myths to bring the truth forward to the American people. She, like the other giants with her like Julie Kelly, Darren Beattie, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Dinesh D’Souza; so few have stood in our defense and it is they whom we owe our thanks! Cynthia Hughes is my personal hero!

For me personally, I am grateful to her and the Patriot Freedom Project for my attorney. I once fought with the assistance of a Public Defender who did not want to see my innocence. Now I have a wonderful attorney made possible with Mrs. Hughes and the Patriot Freedom Project, which has helped so many of those in need: paying bills for those detained, linking Patriots to attorneys, helping fix broken down vehicles and being a constant source of truth in a web of lies.

The media wants to defame and slander us with lies for network ratings…we are beset upon all sides, with each attempting to ruin our lives for power, profit and pleasure.

God Bless Cynthia Hughes and the Patriot Freedom Project!

Thank you for being the heroes back home!


Jessica Watkins”

Written By Sara Sass